World's Greatest Hammer- Recessed Head

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Made in Illinois

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Hardcore Recessed Head Hammer

Made in USA - Illinois

One Hammer to Rule Them All

There is no other hammer like it. This is the original Hardcore Hammer with a recessed milled insert. The insert is forged from some of the toughest steel on the planet. And because it is recessed, the milled traction surface is protected from striking anything but the nail by the smooth outer rim, virtually eliminating the need for two hammers, because it combines a finish and a framing hammer all in one.

No need for extra tools to change out the striking face from waffled to smooth, no spare parts to lose or pay extra for! This is the only hammer in the world that can switch from framing to finish work just by swinging it! No hammer compares, and Hardcore Hammers are proudly built in the USA with quality that will outlast any other hammer head out there. Check out the blunt force smooth head too.

Recessed Milled Traction Surface Grips Only the Nail...

Outlasts All Others...

Recessed Milled Traction Surface Grips Only the Nail...
Hardcore Hammer


Head Weight 19 oz.
Handle Length 18 inches


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Made in America