World's Best Can Opener

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Made in Missouri

Product Overview

World's Greatest Can Opener

Made in USA - Missouri

Every Kitchen Needs Made in USA Steel

We personally LOVE this can opener. It is the ultimate find.

This USA made manual can opener is heavy duty. The weight and quality will surprise you. It is also the only opener made in the USA. It has a over-sized black non-slip grip handle to make it easy to open any can.

We especially like the leverage of the crank which protects your wrist and makes it super easy to turn for those with hand issues.


The handles and crank are made from 1008 carbon steel
The full length of both handles and the crank are chrome plated
The cutter, feed wheel, and gears are heat treated and zinc plated
With proper care, this can opener should last 25 years.

Wash lightly with soap and dry immediately. Putting it in the dishwasher is fine if you dry it completely once the cycle is complete.

In a survival situation this is the can opener that you want to own. 


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Made in America