Wood Handled Mini Screwdriver Set of 6

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Made in Michigan

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Wood Handled Mini Screwdriver Set of 6

Made in USA - Michigan

Made in America With Care Since 1941

Do you find yourself running all over the place looking for small screwdrivers? You always need them and this is a beautiful set of the most common ones needed for repairing glasses, watches and hundreds of random things. These are too nice to leave anywhere but in your tool box.

They are hand assembled and custom hollow-ground. The square-shanked blades are hardened and tempered to RC 52-56 (super strong) and guaranteed not to twist or chip. The handles are turned from quality Maine hardwood and protected with a smooth finish. They fit great in your hand.

The set includes 3 flat mini serrated tip blades - 1/16", 5/64" & 3/32" and 3 mini phillips screwdrivers - #00, #000 & #0000.

This makes a perfect gift because everyone wants one and yet no one seems to have a complete set. Especially a nice set.

They are guaranteed for life.


5" long x 3/4" wide
Flat head: 1/16", 5/64" & 3/32"
Phillips: #00, #000, #0000

Be sure to get the matching everyday tool set and a classic red tool box to put them in.


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Made in America