Vinyl Covered Utility Finger Knife - 2 pack

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Made in America - Ohio

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Vinyl Covered Utility Finger Knife - 2 pack

Made in USA - Ohio

Simple Solution With 1001 Uses

It's hard to believe this handy knife has been around since 1904. It was invented by postman James Caldwell who needed to cut mail bundles while riding in train cars. He also needed to keep his hands free to grab his gun in case the mail train was robbed. Ah, the Wild West.

Today USPS workers are still issued this handy finger knife for their various tasks. There are endless uses for this simple, yet brilliantly designed finger knife.

You can use the knife on any finger to make any cutting task comfortable for you. It can cut fishing line, twine, thread, plant stems, produce netting, foam board, plastic bags and open boxes. It can also be worn on the outside of garden or safety gloves by getting a larger size.

The front edge is round to provide safety and the inside of the knife is a sharp blade made of hardened heat-treated steel. The ring band is made from sturdy aluminum and the rivets are make from nickel-plated brass.

You get 2 rings so you can keep them in different places such as a tackle box, at home or at work. The fit should be snug and adding tape can increase snugness.

You will wonder how you lived without one.

The ring knife is guaranteed for life.

Do you need help figuring out your ring size? Use this website.


Ring portion is covered in vinyl for more comfortable use
Blade size 3/4 inch
Under 1 ounce


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Made in America