Umbrella Anchor

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Made in Ohio

Product Overview

Umbrella Anchor

Made in USA - Ohio

Keep Your Umbrella Secure

This 14" non-rusting sand anchor is a perfect complement to your new beach umbrella! It will help secure your beach umbrella on those windy days.

This item is the orginal anchor developed in 1995 to safely anchor beach umbrellas, tents, fishing poles, camping items, signs, sport nets, pets on a leash, kites, and much more into sand or loose soil.

It is non-rusting and is molded from 100% premium polymers to withstand moisture and the effects of salt water.

A large over-size thumbscrew conveniently locks against any inserted pole 1.5-inches or less in diameter. It is light-weight, safe, and will easily fit into a beach bag. The continuous spiral blade pulls the auger downward when turned clockwise.

It is long enough to reach through loose sand to secure beach umbrellas that will withstand very windy conditions. Turning it in the opposite direction will release it from the sand. 

This anchor can only be used on a personal beach umbrella and will not fit a large beach umbrella. Measure the pole depth to be sure.   

Made in USA