Blue Tube Wringer

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Made in America

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Blue Tube Wringer

Made in USA - Oregon

Get 35% More Out of Any Tube & Crimp Paper For Art Projects

It's expensive to waste 35% of every tube over the course of the year. This handy made in USA gadget goes way beyond just a toothpaste squeezer. It is sturdy and can even become a calk gun due to the size.

Use it for cosmetics, paint, toothpaste, ointments, glue and anything else in a tube up to 2-7/8 inches. It can also crimp paper for art projects.

Nylon rollers are super strong and will last a lifetime. 

The 100% Metal Tube Wringer is also available. It can be used for heavy shop jobs & crimping light metal and leather for craft projects such as making jewelry & decorations.


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Made in America