The Great American T-Shirt- Women's Style

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Made in South Carolina

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The Great American T-Shirt- Women's Style

Made in USA - South Carolina

Grown, Spun, Sewn and Printed On American Soil

This is the BEST T-Shirt you will ever own. It's an incredibly soft 100% cotton light weight (4.3 oz) fabric that's constructed for durability, so that you can actually wear it every day of the week without it showing signs of wear. It will NOT shrink. We spent an entire year wearing and testing this shirt at OHSAY USA.

The women's style is a more fitted and flared cut with capped sleeves. It's not one of those skinny tight shirts. The length is slightly shorter than the standard design with a more feminine look.

The shirts have an American flag printed on the sleeve using technology that combines the ink with the fabric. You will not feel raised ink on the design like traditional printing. The front and back of the shirt has no design-- it's simply great. Every tee has a transparent supply chain that traces back to US cotton farmers and mill workers. You will receive a unique tracking number so you can fully know where it came from in the USA.

100% of the cotton in this supply chain is grown and ginned in the USA. In addition to the beneficial economic impact of buying from our neighbors, US cotton cultivation also adheres to cutting edge sustainability standards that rival any in the rest of the developed world.

From no-till planting to reduced water consumption and increased land use efficiency, US cotton growers are consistently raising the bar of responsible farming practices.

In addition, the USDA keeps a careful watch on cotton growers and gins, and tests every bale of cotton to certify an accurate measurement of the bale's quality characteristics, guaranteeing a consistent product from bale-to-bale.

Mens Standard Fit Also Available.

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Length measured from high point of shoulder to tail.
Width measured from 1" under the arm.
Standard Fit Also Available.


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