Tactical Field Playing Cards - 2 Deck Set

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Made in Kentucky

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Tactical Field Playing Cards - 2 Deck Set

Made in USA - Kentucky

Don't Let Them See You Play

The Bicycle Tactical Field playing cards are a highly specialized deck, printed in muted camouflaged colors for tactical situations, military use, and more. These unique cards come in a camouflaged printed tuck case with Desert and Jungle camouflage patterns.

The Bicycle brand delivers classic playing cards and memorable experiences that players can trust, based on a long-standing tradition of producing quality product that brings people together.


Tuck case highlighted with embossing and silver foil.
Printed on premium Bicycle® brand cardstock
Classic Air-Cushion Finish® for ease of shuffling and optimum performance
You get two decks - Jungle (green) and Desert (brown) Camouflage.


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Made in America