Steel Folding Scissors

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Made in Oregon

Product Overview

Steel Folding Scissors

Made in USA - Oregon

Super Sharp, Super Small

It seems you always need a pair of scissors. These are surgically sharp scissors that can be easily folded for safety and carried in your pocket or purse. Take them on the trail or in the boat, put them in your emergency kit or add them to your yarn bag. There are hundreds of uses for them.

They will never rust and are super strong. The scissors are made of USA steel by a precision machine, heat-treated and hand assembled. They are guaranteed for life.

To Open:
Pull the handles apart and fold the scissors into the cutting position.

To Close:
Use the reverse process. Fold the blades back into the grooved safety slots in the handles and push together.

When opened they are extremely sharp. Use caution and remember what your Mom said, "Don't run with scissors."

Sharp objects are not TSA approved as a carry-on. You can check these in your bag.

Made in America scissors


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Made in America