Sesame Street Tattoos & Stickers 3-Pack

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Made in America

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Sesame Street Tattoos 3-Pack

Made in USA

Everyone will think they are real...maybe

Sesame Street comes to life in this 3-pack of USA made sesame street temporary tattoos which include:

Sesame Street Glitter Tattoos

We all know that Elmo loves his pet goldfish, Dorothy. But what are some of his other favorite things? This collection of six tattoos includes Elmo and Dorothy, plus a pair of roller blades, a skateboard, and a teddy bear. Each design features a dash of glitter that makes it sparkle!

Sesame Street Ernie & Bert Sticker Activity Book
Bert and Ernie share a house. While Ernie is a little bit messy, Bert likes to keep things neat. How would you arrange their home? This book includes nearly 40 reusable stickers that you can place in Bert and Ernie's kitchen, living room, and bedroom: chairs, a TV, a table, flowers, food, and more. You can even invite Cookie Monster over to help you bake cookies!

Sesame Street Cookie Monster Tattoos
What's better than a delicious cookie? These easy-to-apply temporary tattoos! Kids will look cool as they count all of the things Cookie Monster has: a bird, a cute baby tiger, a baseball mitt, and, of course, cookies! Includes 6 tattoos.


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Made in America