Reusable Cleaning Cloths

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Made in Maine

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Reusable Cleaning Cloths- Set of 3

Made in Maine

Replace 40 Rolls of Paper Towels

The reusable Nature-Fresh Cleaning Cloths are specially designed to clean any surface spotless and remain 99.9-percent germ free.

Proudly made in Maine from sustainably sourced natural wood fibers; reusable, compostable, strong, durable; won't scratch delicate surfaces.

Each cloth replaces more than 40 rolls of paper towels to help reduce waste; ideal for more sustainable living practices; reusable and more economical.

Rinses 99.9-percent germ free in tap water; natural bacteria-fighting qualities prevent cloths from turning sour or holding onto odors.


Includes 3 (9.5 x 11-inches) cleaning cloths; reusable for less waste; eco friendly; machine washable with a mild laundry detergent


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Made in America