PINK Army Men

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Made in Michigan

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Pink American Army Men

Made in USA - Michigan

Pink, Proud & American

They are PINK! This bag of 100 plastic army guys is proudly Made in USA. They are made from the actual molds used in the 70's. You can fight the green and tan army men or you can use them to fight whatever ails you. They always win.

There are 12 different figures and all your old favorites are here, including minesweeper, bazookaman, radio operator, 60mm mortar, light machine gunner, kneeling rifleman, flame thrower, crawling rifleman, prone rifleman, bayonet fighter, and officer with binoculars and handgun.

Figures stand up to 2.1 inches tall (52mm), are approximately 1:35 scale and made from fairly soft HDPE plastic.

Originally produced by in the late 60's, these figures may have been the first to depict US infantry troops during the Cold War with contemporary equipment including M16 A1 rifles and an experimental M60 light machine gun.

For their triumphant return to production, the manufacturer has restored the vintage 'Tim Mee Toys' logo that hasn't been seen on the shelves for decades. These are real plastic heroes. Think Pink!

Packed in plastic bag with header card and recommended for ages 5 to 105!


HDPE plastic
2.1" tall
1:35 scale


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Made in America