Peanut Butter Mixer

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Made in Ohio

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Peanut Butter Mixer

Made in USA - Ohio

Smooth Peanut Butter in Minutes

The agony of trying to stir a brand new jar of natural peanut butter or remixing when the ingredients separate. Finally the help you need is here with this nifty tool. No more splashing oil everywhere.

Simply attach the mixer to the top of the jar and turn the handle--it's that easy! Made of lightweight aluminum, this mixer stirs the peanut butter with less mess and cleans up easily too! Your peanut butter has never tasted better!.

Easy to clean and easy to operate.

Pick from 2 sizes:

Mixer Model #100 (3” or 77mm lid) 

16 ounce jars --Adams, Laura Scudders, Meijer, Nature’s Promise (cashew butter), Once Again, Santa Cruz, Smuckers, Teddies (glass jar), Tree of Life, Wegman.

Mixer Model #300 (2.75” or 70mm lid)

15 ounce jars- Kroger

16 ounce jars- Compliments, Crazy Richards, Eastwind (cashew butter), Holsum, Justins Stop & Shop, Shop Rite, Peanut Butter & Co., Trader Joe’s SunButter (Sunflower), Teddies (plastic jar), GreenWise (Publix), Vermont (cashew butter).

18 ounce jars-- Laura Lynn, O Organics, Sun Harvest, Vita Cost, Whole Foods 365, Wild Oats, Woodstock.


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Made in America