Paring Knife Gift Set with Silver Handles

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Made in America - Iowa

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Paring Knife Gift Set with Silver Handles

Made in America - Iowa

Pare Away with Ease

This paring knife gift set is the ideal present for anyone who loves to cook. This set features 3 paring knives that are each specialized yet versatile. The Peeling Paring Knife will be your go-to knife for garnishes and cutting that requires attention to detail. The Regular Paring Knife easily slices and pares fruits and vegetables. The Heavy Duty Paring Knife provides superior leverage for preparing larger foods like cucumbers or potatoes.

Each knife is constructed from stainless steel, with blades hand-sharpened for a razor edge.

Since 1948 this manufacturer has earned the reputation of being remarkable.

These paring knives are guaranteed for life.


Gift Set Includes:
Peeling Paring Knife with a 2 1/2" blade
Regular Paring Knife with a 3 1/4" blade
Heavy Duty Paring Knife with a 3 1/4 " blade
The knives come in an appealing case for easy storage, with a form-fitted thermal insert keeping them in place.
6.2 ounces

Hand wash and dry immediately to keep the steel pristine for life. Do not put them in the dishwasher since the knives are considered a high quality utensil and the harsh detergent will diminish the look of the handle over time. It only takes a few seconds to clean them.


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Made in America