Original Audubon Bird Call

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Made in Rhode Island

Product Overview

Original Audubon Bird Call

Made in USA - Rhode Island

Call the Birds to You

Invented in 1947 this original USA made Audubon Bird Call consists of a birch wood roller and a zinc plug. By twisting the wooden cylinder against the zinc plug back and forth, a variety of sounds similar to a songbird’s tweeting can be produced.

The call does not produce sounds specific to any particular species of songbird, but rather a generic birdsong that most birds will recognize. With reasonable care, and periodic re-application of rosin from the included capsule, the call will last a lifetime.

The whole in the metal ring allows you to attach the audubon bird call to a lanyard around your neck or hook to your belt loop or backpack with a small clamp.

The capsule included with the bird call contains powdered pine rosin. Apply rosin to the contact point between wood and metal to renew the call's voice. Keep the call dry.

Includes a red gift box.


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