Okabashi Flip-Flops

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Made in Georgia

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Okabashi Flip-Flops

Made in USA - Georgia

Free Your Feet In Comfort

A fun, floral insole and the signature arch support make the made in USA Maui flip-flop a "must-have" for every woman's summer shoe collection. You'll be craving every color after one day of wear! Comfort is the foundation for every Okabashi foot-bed, beginning with the principles of a Japanese idea called reflexology.

The study of reflexology identifies nerves in the foot that are connected with various organs and muscle groups around the body. Stimulating these nerves is said to have a positive impact on the wellness of those associated areas. Massage beads are placed across the foot-bed of each USA made shoe based on these principles. These massage beads are integrated with an ergonomic design to create a signature foot-bed that is often called "the healing shoe" or "the most comfortable shoe ever".

Good for You: Massaging Insole, Ergonomic Foot-bed, Superior Arch Support
Good for the Environment: Made in the USA, 100% Recyclable
Good for your Pocket: Guaranteed for 2 years

Signature Microplast Material: contains Anti-Microbial Agent, Anti-Slip, Anti-Odor, Vegan-Friendly, Latex-Free Durable: Waterproof, Dishwasher safe

About Okabashi
It is a family owned business in Buford, Georgia that has focused on designing and manufacturing extremely comfortable shoes for more than 25 years. By producing domestically using a recyclable material called Microplast, Okabashi found its way into the "green" market long before "going green" was main-stream.

The plant uses a zero-waste production practice, regrinding waste material to be recycled into new Okabashis. In 2009, the company launched a post-consumer recycling program which allows customers to send well-worn shoes back to the factory to be recycled.


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Made in America