Non-Scratch Slotted Turner

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Made in Iowa

Product Overview

Non-Scratch Slotted Turner

Made in America - Iowa

Get Flipp'n

When you cook you'll need to flip. Protect your non-stick pans with this temperature resistant reinforced nylon spatula. Use it to cook grilled cheese sandwiches, hamburgers, pancakes, hashbrowns, omelets and any other food that requires flipping.

The stem is stainless steel. The handle also has an indentation for your thumb so it does not slip out of your hands. The face has a beveled edge to easily get under the food you want to flip.

Since 1948 this manufacturer has earned the reputation of being remarkable.

The spatula is guaranteed for life under normal usage.


11-3/4" overall length, 2-1/2" wide, 3-1/2"x3" face />3 ounces
Safe for non-stick cookware
Do not place them directly on a heat source or in the oven
Dishwasher safe


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Made in America