No Mess Nail Clippers

$26.95 - $42.95
Usually Ships in 24 Hours
Made in New York

Product Overview

No Mess Nail Clippers

Made in USA - New York

Wrangle Your Flippin' Clippin's

It's time to stop shooting your nail and toe clippings all over the house. This genius clipper catches them and you simply dump them out when you're done. It took a smart American to finally stop this madness. 

The handle does not swivel like ordinary nail clippers making it easy to hold and control. They have precision ground cutting edges for smooth and even nail cutting.

Both the fingernail and toenail clipper includes a convenient built-in laser cut nail file. Choose the fingernail clippers, the toenail clippers or get both in a gift pack. 

Makes a unique gift. American ingenuity at work! They are guaranteed for life.


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Made in America