Mini Potato Masher

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Made in Oregon

Product Overview

Mini Potato Masher

Made in America - Oregon

No More Bent Forks

This mini masher is the tool you've always needed. Need to mash avocados? This is the masher you need. It's great for making baby food, egg salad and cream cheese mixtures. Basically you use it instead of grabbing a fork to mash produce. It's also really cute to look at. 

The weight of the masher is concentrated in the snaking steel head to assist with the process. The handle is 4" long with a solid steel grip. It is completely sealed to prevent food from seeping in where the wire and handle connect. This ensures a sanitary cooking environment.

This classic design has been around since the last century and our manufacturer has made it in the USA since 1948. You may have seen the larger masher in your Grandmother's kitchen drawer.

Guaranteed fully against any faulty construction.


7.5" overall length, handle 4"
Head is 3" x 1.5"
3 ounces
Dishwasher safe and rust-proof 


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Made in America