Little Big Shot Water Hose Nozzle

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Made in California

Product Overview

Little Big Shot Water Hose Nozzle

Made in USA - California

40% More Force - 40% Less Water

The Little Big Shot Super Nozzle is pound for pound the most effective, water-efficient nozzle you can buy.
Fits any standard hose and adjusts from powerful sweeper to spray for watering plants, to even a pin point stream! Manufactured from solid brass, the Little Big Shot weighs only a fraction of other adjustable nozzles, requiring far less material from our environment to make.

The Little Big Shot Super Nozzle is a simply superior and EARTH-FRIENDLY hose nozzle! 40% Less Water It's water efficiency is simply remarkable, with 40% less water volume (GPM) than the 'classic' pistol nozzle when tested at full-open position.

40% More Force As a sweeper, it delivers a surprisingly powerful force, 40% more than the Water Jet™ power washer at full-open position, for quick and efficient sweeping jobs. Will Not Leak!

YOU CAN BUY A BIGGER NOZZLE... but you won't get bigger performance or more Earth-Friendly than the Little Big Shot™ Super Nozzle!

Little Big Shot is Made in the USA and assembled by disabled US Veterans.


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Made in America