Large Heirloom Wooden Biscuit Cutter

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Made in Tennessee

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Large Heirloom Wooden Biscuit Cutter

Made in USA - Tennessee

Spark Joy Making Biscuits!

This is the same as the original biscuit cutter we sell... but larger!

Growing up in Texas, biscuits were an important staple for breakfast. Biscuits and gravy was the ultimate. Making a great biscuit was an artform. There was no recipe so you had to watch your grandmother very carefully to learn. After many tries the secret to baking biscuits passed to the next generation.

These beautiful heirloom biscuit cutters are also meant to be passed to the next generation. 

They are handmade by a small family-owned business in rural Tennessee. It's a learned tradition, handed down from father to son and spans multiple generations. The pieces come from locally-sourced Ambrosia Maple. 

It's a great gift for the biscuit maker in your family. 


3" x 3" x 4.3"  
Wood styles will vary, all are beautiful 


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Made in America