J.A. Bauer Ceramic Cat Bowls

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Made in California

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J.A. Bauer Ceramic Cat Bowls

Made in USA - California


Cats will purrrr when they receive these beautiful and colorful ceramic cat bowls that are Made in USA. The bowls measure five and a half inches in diameter and two inches deep which is perfect for your kitty.

About J.A. Bauer Pottery Company
J. A. Bauer Pottery Company launched their company in Louisville, Kentucky in 1880, and then flourished in Los Angeles, California. Bauer introduced new, richly colored styles after the Depression which met with overwhelming success. It wasn't long before all the major pottery companies in the United States began to follow with their own interpretations of Bauer's vision

Today, the work of J.A. Bauer has been reintroduced by a ceramics studio in Los Angeles, located just minutes from the original plant. The new Bauer line is being produced using original pieces as models with an emphasis on simple, yet beautiful stoneware originally manufactured by Bauer in the 1930s and 40s.


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Made in America