Hyper Thin Multi-Tool With Knife

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Made in Massachusetts

Product Overview

Hyper Thin Multi-Tool With Knife

Made in USA - Massachusetts

World's Ultimate Pocket Knife

People often misuse their knives as a screwdriver or as a prybar, so these features are built right into the handle. Of course, it wouldn't be complete without a bottle opener.

Rulers can often come in handy, so we made the straight edge an inch ruler on one side and a metric ruler on the other.

All of these features are integrated into the fully-hardened stainless steel construction, creating a rigid and safe knife with a solid feel and exceptional durability.

It will surprise you with its thinness. Its satisfying locking mechanism speaks to its craftsmanship. Gripping the handle with the blade open, gives you confidence you didn't expect from holding such thin metal. Its strength - despite having so little material - is surprising.

With a FlyOff design if you ever forget to put this in your checked luggage when flying, you can surrender the blade at TSA and replace it for just a few dollars.


Removable knife
Screwdriver tips
Bottle Opener
Inch Ruler
Metric Ruler

Width: 3.15in
Height: 2.17 in
Blade Thickness: 0.04 in
Overall Thickness: 0.087 in
Weight: 1.1 oz


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Made in America