Hot Head Putty

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Made in America - Pennsylvania

Product Overview

Hot Head Putty

Made in USA - Pennsylvania

Chill Dude

We've all been there. Someone takes your parking space then a co-worker stabs you in the back. No worries, we've got your back.

This bright red putty gets more and more resistant with each stretch to absorb your anger and ensure your peaceful reign.

Turn anger into fun, or at least help your mood! Hot Head Putty features a unique formula that builds resistance as you play. This amazing putty actually absorbs your tension—getting tenser and tenser with each stretch—to leave you feeling happy and relaxed.

Thinking Putty bounces, pops, stretches, tears, and wads back together for hours of fun.


4" Tin Can contains 3.2 oz. of Thinking Putty
Color: Red
Features: Stretchable, Soft Texture
Made of Non-toxic silicone
Recommended for Ages 8+
Never dries out
Made in USA


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