High Tech Tweezers

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Made in Connecticut

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High Tech Tweezers

Made in USA - Connecticut

Little Device With an Arsenal of Uses

General Norman Schwarzkopf wrote about these tweezers after Desert Storm: "I have never had a pair of tweezers in my life that was worth a damn. Now I do and I appreciate it very much."

You may associate tweezers with pulling out splinters but this precision tool solves many of life's little frustrations. Ever get paper jammed in a shredder or need to untangle fishing tackle fly-tying lines? This tool is your secret weapon. Need a cross-stitch sewing assistant, help with beading, eyeglass repair or holding small mechanical parts? This is your new best buddy.

Chefs use them to pull bones out of salmon, remove eggshells from a bowl of cracked eggs and to plate foods for elegant arrangements.

Two Style To Choose From: Key Ring OR Tube Container

Mini Tweezers Made in USATweezers Made in USA

The precision pointed tip rests in a protective cover and can be quickly pulled out when it's needed.

It weights less than an ounce and is 2.5" long. It has been manufactured in Hartford Connecticut for the past 30 years and is made from one piece of 100% USA stainless steel for strength. The design is patented and unique from any other tweezers you have rattling away in your drawer.

The FDA has even certified it as a surgical instrument for manual use and it's used by the military, police and firemen for pulling out ticks, tackling splinters and extracting other small objects. It's needed in every household and car First Aid Kit.

Since the tip has a pointed design, care must be given when used in the facial area.

Choose from two styles: Attaches to key ring - Carry it along with your keys, attach it to your backpack or hook it to your belt loop, or the style in a tube container and blister packaging instead of a key ring attachment.

Your household will be hoarding these tweezers along with your "lost" favorite scissors. You can hand clean them or throw them in the dishwasher for convenience.

We guarantee them for life under normal usage.


Tweezers date back to pre-Dynastic Egypt and were inspired by similar tools such as tongs and pliers. The Egyptians used tweezers for beading and other delicate tasks. They were also used in Mesopotamia and India. Later they were used in the medical field as surgical tools and by dentists.


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Made in America