High Tech Cheese Knife

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Made in America - Iowa

Product Overview

High Tech Cheese Knife

Made in America - Iowa

Designed To Smoothly Cut Though Cheese

There is a lot of ingenuity that went into creating this cheese knife. The texture of cheese can range from hard to soft and traditional knifes don't work well. Soft cheeses will squish and hard cheese will not cut easily with a straight edge knife. This creates some awkwardness when you have a plate of mixed cheeses.

To solve these issues the knife has a serrated edge to cut through the hard and soft cheeses. There are cutouts in the middle of the knife so cheeses will be less likely to stick to the knife after they are cut. There is also a ridge above the cutouts which separates the cheese from the knife as it is cut.

The handle is angled to create more leverage and the tip of the knife is made to use as a fork.

Additionally you can use the knife to slice sausage, mini baguettes and small fruit and veggies. The 5 1/4" blade is super sharp and made from carbon stainless steel. The handle is a brushed aluminum that has a satin finish.

Since 1948 this manufacturer has earned the reputation of being remarkable.

The cheese knife is guaranteed for life.


9-5/8" overall length, blade 5-1/4"
3 ounces
Hand wash and dry immediately to keep the steel pristine for life. Do not put it in the dishwasher since the knife is considered a high quality utensil and the harsh detergent will diminish the look of the handle over time. It only takes a few seconds to clean it.


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Made in America