Everyday Wooden Spoon

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Made in Tennessee

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Everyday Wooden Spoon

Made in USA - Tennessee

Everyone Deserves a Great Wooden Spoon!

Wooden spoons are some of the most important tools in a home chef's kitchen. In our kitchen we use 2-3 a day. 

This 14" heirloom spoon is made wood from trees grown on a family farm in Tennessee. The functionality of the spoon, though, is unparalleled. The surface of the spoon wider and less shallow, making it perfect for everything from stirring a pot to serving at the table.

The spoon is handmade by a small family-owned business in rural Tennessee. It's a learned tradition, handed down from father to son and spans multiple generations. The pieces come from locally-sourced cherry trees. 

It's a wonderful gift for the cook in your family. 


Cherry Wood


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Made in America