Hand-Forged Dandelion Weed Puller

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Made in America - Oregon

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Hand-Forged Dandalion Weed Puller

Made in USA - Oregon

Heirloom Dandalion Weed Puller Hammered By a Smith

Many gardeners consider weeding a calming activity but without the right tool for the job it can be frustrating. This curved flucrum style weeder is ideal for removing dandelions and similar weeds. It works by sliding under the roots and popping it out instead of just cutting the weed. This prevents them from regrowing. Longterm gardeners prefer this style over fancier versions since it has proven to get the job done with no moving parts to break.

We are honored to offer this one which is hammered by a 70 year-old master blacksmith in Oregon. Each one is painstakingly forged individually from saw steel so they acquire their own look from the hammer of the Smith. The shape and design of the weeder has been refined for decades to become what gardeners really need - an extension of your hand.

The steel head has an extra deep semi-circle scoop to provide leverage for popping out the weeds. The razor sharp forked points helps to slice through all types of dirt. The handle is made from hickory wood which has been beautifully varnished. With continued use the handle will pick up the oils from your hand to maintain a nice sheen. The square shank is attached to the handle with a twist technique to keep it attached for life.

This 8 ounce dirt cutting powerhouse is best for those with medium hands and average strength. It will be the tool you pass down to the next generation to continue the joy of gardening and respect for nature.

Compete your garden set with other tools from this special heirloom collection.


12" overall length

Steel head is 7"

Grip is 4"

Store inside and rinse and oil to keep the hoe pristine and prevent rust.


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Made in America