Gyroscope Toy

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Gyroscope Toy

Made in USA - Indiana

Amazing Science in Action!

Packed in a box reminiscent of the package from the 1950's, this is the original made in USA toy gyroscope first produced in 1917. Pull the string to start the wheel spinning. The gyroscope will balance on a pencil point, a string, the tip of your finger, or just about anywhere! How many other objects can you balance it on? The USA-made toy gyroscope includes a string for starting, a pedestal, and instructions.

Although the toy gyroscope has been around longer than any of us, it is still an important educational toy demonstrating the principles important to many of the devices we depend upon today. The gyroscope is used in airplanes, ships, torpedoes, radio controlled helicopters, and satellites like the Hubble telescope. It's the gyroscope that allows the Segway scooter to be "self-balancing".

The first gyroscope was made in 1817 by Johann Bohnenberger. One Hundred years later in 1917, the Chandler Company began selling a toy gyroscope known as the "Chandler Gyroscope".

Everyone should have a TEDCO Gyroscope in their toy box or on their desk! 


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Made in America