Guillow's Eagle Balsa Glider Twin Pack

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Made in Massachusetts

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Guillow's Eagle Balsa Glider Twin Pack

Made in USA - Massachusetts

Take Flight With the Eagle

This is the original Guillow's Balsa Wood glider that started it all more than half a century ago. The Eagle! We give you TWO USA made Eagle Gliders so that you can share with a friend. They soar up to 25 feet.

Ages 8+

Origins of Guillow
The Guillow Model Airplane Company was founded in the family barn in 1926 by Paul K. Guillow, a World War I US Navy Aviator. Ever since the famous Lindberg flight in 1927 his plane kits have been in demand. His success continued to grow during WWII while he manufactured planes in his Wakefield, Massachusetts building. For 85 years nearly every American boy, girl and young at heart person has enjoyed the inexpensive balsa wood gliders of the Paul K. Guillow Company. Sunny afternoons flying Guillow gliders have created fond memories and helped imaginations soar.


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Made in America