Food Choppers

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Made in Minnesota

Product Overview

Food Choppers

Made in USA - Minnesota

Quick and Easy Chopping!

Our Plain and Serrated Food Choppers are the most useful tools you can have in your kitchen. Designed to effortlessly chop a wide variety of foods for preparing your favorite dishes, these simple tools are equally helpful to novice and professional cooks alike.

The sharpened edge makes efficient cuts, but they’re so lightweight they’re a cinch to use. They offer a sturdy grip, assuring a safe chopping experience.

The Plain Chopper works wonders on celery, hard-cooked eggs, and biscuit dough. Use it to mix ingredients and form slider burgers, even cut out sugar cookies.

Use the Serrated Chopper for onions, nuts, whole tomatoes, cooked potatoes, and more.

Customers rave about these Food Choppers!


3" tall 
Silver Handle Material: Cast Aluminum
Blade Material: High Nickel Stainless Steel


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Made in America