Flying Wish Paper Mini Kits

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Made in Oregon

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Flying Wish Paper Mini Kits

Made in USA - Oregon

Write it, Light it and Watch it Fly!

The USA made Flying Wish Paper Kits is a new party or personal activity. The pack features all the materials you need to Write it, Light it and Watch it Fly! giving your wishes new life and meaning. The activity can be ceremonial or festive, but it is always inspirational. Write a wish on the special paper, light it and watch your wish fly into the heavens!

Flying Wish Paper Mini Kit is beautifully packaged in a die cut envelope, 5 x 5" square, printed on heavy card stock and sealed with a glossy UV varnish for a gorgeous shine.

Contents include:
15 sheets of Wish Paper
5 Wish Platforms
1 gold pencil
Instructions - easy details and photos


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Made in America