Field Notes Reporters Notepad - Byline

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Made in Oregon

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Field Notes Byline Reporter's Notepad

Made in USA - Oregon

Extra, Extra: Classic Reporter's Notepad Arrives

You may not be a journalist but this limited edition notepad from Field Notes is retro cool. It's great for taking notes at work or in class. It's Wire-O-Bound, lies flat and has smooth "flippability."

There is a handy pocket inside the back cover to stash receipts, tickets or your press pass. We start you off with a secret mini-broadsheet tucked inside the back pocket about James T. Callender and his relationship with Hamilton and Jefferson.

You will get two 70-page notepads 3 3/4" x 8" with ruled paper.


70 pages
3 3/4" wide
8" long


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Made in America