Dogwood Flower Purse

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Made in Colorado

Product Overview

Dogwood Flower Purse

Made in USA - Colorado

Bold Elegant Flowers

This is a classy purse with bold brown Dogwood flowers covered with a shiny vinyl overlay. The bottom is textured grey titanium vinyl next to a black zipper and adjustable shoulder strap. There is an outside zipper on both sides of the purse.

The purse is 8" tall by 5.5" wide and is great to carry a smaller wallet along with your sunglasses, phone and lip gloss. This is the perfect night-on-the-town purse.

We are picky about our purses and we love this style. Our product testers wanted several designs to show off in Los Angeles, Memphis and Austin.


Small 8" tall by 5.5" wide. Strap extends to 23"
Vinyl/Vegan Materials


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Made in America