Deluxe Metal Potholder Loom

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Made in New Hampshire

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Deluxe Metal Potholder Loom

Made in USA - New Hampshire

Useful and Fun For the Whole Family

At OHSAY USA we made homemade potholders as kids and we still use and treasure them today. When the tea steams we always grab our homemade potholder, not the fancy ones we got as gifts. Originally weavers looped threads around a tree branch to create a natural type of loom but we make it easier today.

This made in USA potholder loom is the Cadillac of all kits. Every 100% cotton loop fits perfectly on the loom made in New Hampshire at a family mill. The square loom frame is made of steel, not plastic. You will own this loom forever. The potholders will become family heirlooms and will make you smile every time you use them.

The kit includes:
Sturdy Metal Loom 7" x 7"
3 Bags Bright Multicolored 100% Cotton Loops
2 Hooks (one metal for loop weaving and one plastic for finishing)
Illustrated instructions for lots of ideas.
Makes 6 Potholders.

Click here to get extra packs of Bright Multicolored loops or a Red, White & Blue pack.


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Made in America