Deluxe 3 Layer Cotton Pocket Mask - Many Designs

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Made in Oklahoma

Product Overview

Deluxe 3-Layer Cotton Pocket Mask

Made in USA - Oklahoma

Stylish Designs - Added Security

These cool and stylish masks have been designed for comfort and security.

They are made of 2 layers of cotton and 1 layer of cotton flannel. There is a nose adjustment wire for a better fit across the bridge of the nose. So do not microwave.

There is a pocket in the center to insert a filter which you can make yourself or you can buy our pre-cut and washable denim. Denim is a balance between breathability and filtration.

For added comfort the mask ties around your head, not around your ears.

Each design we offer is limited and will vary a little. Child size is also available.

Extended Size: 6" x 8".
They are reusable and washable.
Wash in hot water and dry on high heat before wearing the first time. Wash after each wearing.
Denim sold separately

Legal Disclaimer:

The face mask is not a medical or health care device and has not been approved or certified as such. It should not be used as a replacement for conventional and approved personal protective equipment, including surgical masks or respirators. OHSAY USA make no representations as to the filtration properties of this mask, the ability of this mask to protect the wearer against the transmission of infections or diseases or the suitability of the product for any medical or healthcare purpose whatsoever. No warranties, either express or implied are hereby given that this face mask will prevent infection or the transmission of viruses or diseases, including but not limited to the transmission of COVID-19.


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Made in America