Cowboy Aluminum Water Bottle

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Made in Washington

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Cowboy Aluminum Water Bottle

Made in USA - Washington

Drink Up Cowboy

Cowboys helped carve out the West and this iconic cowboy design with hat waving shows your love of the frontier. Carry it to work or attach it to your backpack was and put a giddy up to your day.

This is the best metal water bottles available AND it is made in USA. We love the patented twist locking top for quick opening. We used to spill water all over ourselves and get impatient when using water bottles that have the traditional screw openings, but no more!

They are 100% recycled aluminum 24 oz water bottle which is BPA-free. Many water bottles in the past contained the hazardous BPA compound which is extremely dangerous to your health. This bottle is very eco-forward.

Our customer Donna Lee said she sends one "in my union guys lunch every day! Waterproof and fits in a standard lunch cooler."

It is manufactured in Yakama, WA by a Liberty Bottle Works who has the mantra "Stewardship - it is not just our responsibility, it is our liberty." They pledge 1% of their sales and 1% of their working hours to helping large, local and grass roots efforts.
In our opinion this is the highest quality reusable bottle you can buy.


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Made in America