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Made in Maine

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Maple Rolling Pin - 10 Inch

Made in USA - Maine

Roll Your Dough with Quality

This rolling pin is crafted from solid rock maple and fitted with steel ball bearings to ensure a lifetime of effortless rolling. It's the perfect tool for professional and home chefs. Regardless of your level of experience, whether hobbyist or professional, the features of this rolling pin will help make your job easier in the kitchen.

Maine Wood Concepts is the leading USA manufacturer of sustainably harvested custom wood products. In 1971 brothers Wayne and Earl Fletcher mortgaged their homes and took ownership of an antiquated wood mill. Wayne's sons have owned and operated the business since 1994. Today around 100 people are employed at the factory. Logs are purchased from local loggers and then dried in one of 6 kilns.


Size: 2.25" x 10"

Care and Cleaning:
To Clean - Wipe with damp cloth. Do not wash in dishwasher or submerge in water.

To Season Your Unfinished Rolling Pin - Clean and dry the rolling pin. Moisten a soft cloth with a quarter size drop of mineral oil and use to lightly coat the rolling pin. There is no need to apply oil to the handles.


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Made in America