Classic 1938 Rocky Color Wood Cone Toy

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Made in Pennsylvania

Product Overview

Classic 1938 Rocky Color Wood Cone Toy

Made in USA - Pennsylvania

Beautiful & Educational Fun

This is the original Classic Rocky Color Wood Cone educational toy that was first designed 1938. It continues to be a best seller being passed from one generation to the next.

This original Wood Cone features a rounded wood base which is a trademarked design and is still made in USA. There is something appealing when stacking these brightly painted wood rings! Your child will learn colors and shapes while rocking, spinning and toppling the wood rings. Wood rings make a nice appealing sound when "clicked" together.


Cone measures 4" diameter x 5 1/2"
Made of reclaimed and sustainable hard Maple Wood (same tree that produces maple syrup)
Non-toxic paint and gloss seal
For kids 1+


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Made in America