Cherry Wood Tea Strainer

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Made in Pennsylvania

Product Overview

Cherry Wood Tea Strainer

Made in USA - Pennsylvania

Elegance At Tea Time With An Added Twist

This beautiful tea strainer is not just for looks. The Pennsylvania Cherry Wood Tea strainer keeps the heat within the cup as the delicate leaves of your loose tea are steeping. Since wood does not conduct heat like the typical metal strainers, you can easily remove the tea basket from the cup without burning your fingers.

The tea strainer is 5 1/8" long and 3" wide. It fits small delicate cups to large hearty mugs. It is made from a solid cut of wood harvested in ecologically managed forests and uses no glues or resins. All left-over scraps from the studio are used to heat local homes in the winter.

It can be quickly washed by hand or and the metal strainer piece can be washed in the dishwasher.

Don't forget to get the matching honey dipper.


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Wood Grown & Carved in America, Steel Mesh is Imported