Germ Defender Keychain

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Made in Oregon

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Product Overview

Germ Defender Keychain

Made in USA - Oregon

Open Doors & Push Buttons While Keeping Your Hand Clean 

Even before 2020 it was a bad idea to touch public doors and touchscreens with your bare hands. Today more than ever it's best to reduce what you touch in public, and continue to wash and sanitize your hands often. 

From elevators to ATMs to grocery store keypads, we come into contact with buttons throughout our day. The germ defender keychain offers a barrier between your hands and those surfaces.

It's very tricky to open pull doors without touching the handle. To help make it easier the germ defender keychain's hook shape provides extra control when opening the pull doors.

Since it's made with 70% antimicrobial copper, harmful bacteria and microbes breakdown faster than with other materials. We still suggest you sanitise the germ defender keychain when you have the opportunity.

Just attach your keys and you're ready to gol 


Length: 3"


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Made in America