Carbon Steel Bread Knife

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Made in America - Iowa

Product Overview

Carbon Steel Bread Knife

Made in America - Iowa

Designed To Slice Smoothly, Not Squish

We have all faced knifes that squish your bread or crumble your loaf cakes. This 6" surgical quality carbon steel knife is your solution. In addition to slicing warm homemade bread it can be used for cutting hoagie buns, pound cake, banana bread or even veggies such as celery and cabbage.

It has a single-sided serrated edge and hollow ground blade to form a precision concave surface which maximizes a smooth slice. The handle has a finger guard to prevent accidents as is made of brushed aluminum that has a satin finish.

Since 1948 this manufacturer has earned the reputation of being remarkable.

This bread knife is guaranteed for life.


10-3/8" overall length, blade 6"
4 ounces
Hand wash and dry immediately to keep the steel pristine for life. Do not put it in the dishwasher since the knife is considered a high quality utensil and the harsh detergent will diminish the look of the handle over time. It only takes a few seconds to clean it.


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Made in America