Bullet Space Pen

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Made in Nevada

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Bullet Space Pen

Made in USA - Nevada

It's Outta This World

Have you ever wondered how astronauts write down their coordinates in space? In fact, they use a pressurized space pen.

This precision instrument is the compact version of the original space pen. It was tested by NASA for two years, then went into space with Apollo 7 in 1968. It has been on every manned mission since.

You don't need to be an astronaut to fall in love with this pen with its super smooth ink flow. It is great to carry since it is only 3.75" long closed and weighs only 0.7 ounces. Writing upside down is no problem since it has a sealed pressurized ink cartridge.

It is also the ultimate pen for adventurists. It writes underwater and in -30 F degrees to +250 F degrees. It is the preferred pen for the military, ski patrol, first responders and hikers.

The cartridge lasts 3x longer than ballpoint pens and is very easy and inexpensive to replace.

It comes in a gift box with a moonscape sleeve. 


Open: 5.25"
Closed: 3.75"
Ink Color: Black
Construction: Brass with a chrome tip

The pen is guaranteed for life on Earth and in Space.


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Made in America