Bloody Mary Infusion Party Pack

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Made in Connecticut

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Bloody Mary Infusion Party Pack

Made in America - Connecticut

Infuse Your Own Beverages at Home!


A three-ingredient Bloody Mary? Yes, sort of. When you infuse the 7 ingredients in this blend into your vodka, all you need is some v8 and a bit of fresh lemon juice. So that's more like 9 ingredients. Simply one of the most delicious drinks we've ever had (even if we do say so ourselves). Does really well on it's own too!

Ingredients: Celery / Rosehip / Ancho Chili / Turmeric / Black Pepper / Lemon Zest / Garlic

Infusion time: 5-6 hours Best with: Vodka / Gin / Tequila

The Party Pack contains a single blend flavor in six identical fresh-sealed, pre-measured blend packets that will each infuse half of a standard bottle of spirits (375ml) at a time.

Each packet batch makes up to 6 cocktails which is just about perfect for two+ people over the course of an evening.

The Party Pack is designed to accommodate gatherings of 12-15. Designed to work directly with the 1pt Infusion Bottle. 


The infusion blend is constructed from carefully developed formulas of all-natural dried ingredients.  They are blended at an FDA-approved facility in the USA and contain absolutely no dairy, gluten, sugar, additives, or GMO.  


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Made in America