Top 10 Kitchen Utensils STILL Made in America

Nov 5th 2022

#1. World's Greatest Can Opener

Made in Missouri

This USA made manual can opener is heavy duty. The weight and quality will surprise you. It is also the only opener made in the USA. It has an over-sized black non-slip grip handle to make it easy to open any can.

We especially like the leverage of the crank which protects your wrist and makes it super easy to turn for those with hand issues. More info

#2. Bundt Shape Measuring Cups

Made in Minnesota

How fun! These colorful measuring cups are in the shape of Bundt cakes. We all love a warm bundt cake fresh from the oven and how can you resist making a bundt cake with bundt-shaped measuring cups? We can't. Since we all need supper too add some bundt love as you measure the ingredients for all your meals. More info

#3. Non-Scratch Potato Masher 

Made in Iowa

When you're cooking mashed potatoes you need a good masher. Protect your non-stick pans with this temperature resistant reinforced nylon masher.

The sure-grip ergonomic handle is comfortable and won't slip out of your hand. The Masher is heat resistant, no waiting for the food to cool before mashing. More info

#4. Non-Stick Turner

Made in Iowa

When you cook you'll need to flip. Protect your non-stick pans with this temperature resistant reinforced nylon spatula. Use it to cook grilled cheese sandwiches, hamburgers, pancakes, hash browns, omelets and any other food that requires flipping.

The stem is stainless steel. The handle also has an indentation for your thumb so it does not slip out of your hands. The face has a beveled edge to easily get under the food you want to flip. More info

#5. Paring Knife

Made in Iowa

This knife easily slices and pares fruits and vegetables. It is constructed from stainless steel with the blade hand-sharpened for a razor edge. Since 1948 this manufacturer has earned the reputation of being remarkable. More info

#6. Stainless Steel Pizza Cutter

Made in Iowa

Do you ever slice a pizza then realize the slices are still stuck together? Then you have to retrace your cuts making a mess in the process? This USA stainless steel pizza cutter has a sharp blade and 4.5 ounces of weight to easily cut through any thickness of crust without any hassle.

It is made of solid cast stainless steel and brushed aluminum and has a reinforced rivet holding the wheel that simply will not break. More info

#7. World's Most Versatile Dish Cloths

Made in Tennessee

You grew up with these dish cloths and they will remind you of traditions and times spent in the kitchen with your mother and grandmother.

They have the classic homespun look featuring bold and colorful stripes and they've been made in Tennessee since 1884!

It can be difficult to find a great dish cloth that can withstand the test of time, wear, as well as one that dries easily after use. This durable textured dish cloth is made from a blend of cotton and polyester for superior washing and wiping. Use them for washing, dusting, cleaning or even for the car so grab a few packs.

We are proud to sell such a high quality item, with a great reputation, that supports American jobs. More info

#8. Mixing Spoon Set

Made in Iowa

Designed like wooden spoons, but so much easier to keep clean, the spoons in this set are sturdy enough to tackle cookie dough and gentle enough for your non-stick pans. More info

#9. Classic Rolling Pin

Made in Maine

This rolling pin is crafted from solid rock maple and fitted with steel ball bearings to ensure a lifetime of effortless rolling. It's the perfect tool for professional and home chefs. Regardless of your level of experience, whether hobbyist or professional, the features of this rolling pin will help make your job easier in the kitchen. More info

#10. Steel Spring Tongs

Made in California

These are made of high quality 24 gauge stainless steel yet only weigh 3 ounces. In addition to using them to turn over food on the stove or grill they can be used to transfer foods from buffet dish to plate.

When you watch a fast paced cooking show such as Hell's Kitchen notice which utensil they use for quick cooking. Yes, it is spring tongs. More info