​The Staggering Power of Buying American-Made Goods

Posted by OHSAY USA on Nov 17th 2020

Times are uncertain in the USA and it feels like we Americans are getting more divided and more stressed out by the day. When we log into Facebook it feels commonplace to see friends, family, and neighbors arguing.

The truth is that we need to find common ground and to see each other for what values we share rather than how we differ.

And in all of my discussions with friends and family, I’ve found that there is one topic we can all agree on regardless of our other beliefs or opinions.

The value of buying American-made goods.

In that spirit, we wanted to share with you some surprising facts about the benefits of buying American that you can share with your friends and family to make an impact and help turn things around:

Buying American-made Products Creates American Jobs

When we buy American-made products, we directly help build our local communities, support American manufacturers, and create American jobs.

Our American businesses need us now more than ever amidst the Coronavirus pandemic.

A September Yelp study shows that of the 163,735 American businesses closing due to the pandemic, 60% of those businesses will never reopen their doors.

Retail stores and gift shops are among the hardest hit with 38,374 closing and 58% of those permanently.

Buying American-made Products Ensures Workers Are Treated With Integrity

When we buy American-made goods, we can ensure the products we purchase are crafted by businesses that treat their workers with integrity.

Among the top 5 countries to import products to the United States are China ($452 billion per year), and Mexico ($358 billion per year).

More concerning is that the labor laws and living conditions for the workers in these countries are far below the standards we have come to expect in our American workforce.

Imagine what we could do for our economy if we brought this money home. Quality American goods made by strong American labor.

Buying American-made products is great for the environment

When we buy American, we also help the planet by reducing our carbon footprint. It’s simple. When a product doesn’t have to travel as far to get to your doorstep, there are fewer carbon emissions from the vehicles transporting it.

On top of that, a study from UC Irvine scientists shows that air pollution drifts to the U.S. from China manufacturing plants that export goods to the U.S.

It’s time we bring our jobs back home, lower global pollution, and support our communities by buying American!

You can start by checking out our online store at ohsayusa.com where we ONLY offer products that are made for America, by America.

If you support American products and American jobs, share this article with your friends and family. Let’s cut through the division and the noise and make something positive like this go viral!