Generation SERVE Is Transforming Teen Volunteers Into Future Community Leaders

Posted by OHSAYUSA on Feb 2nd 2021

Generation SERVE Is Transforming Teen Volunteers Into Future Community Leaders

Get ‘Em While They’re Young — Generation SERVE Is Transforming Teen Volunteers Into Future Community Leaders

More than 100 years ago, Oscar Wilde wrote:

“The smallest act of kindness is worth more than the grandest intention.”

And boy… ain’t that right.

I’m sure that you (just like me) try your best to help those who are in need. But, life often gets in the way.

At least, that’s what often happens to me. Don’t get me wrong — I manage to give back to the community. But not as often (or as much) as I would like to. There are plenty of ‘grandest intentions’ under my belt.

That’s why I’m thrilled and delighted that causes like Generation SERVE exist. It is a place where kids — from wee babies to sultry teens — learn how to give back to their communities. How to make time to help those less fortunate. And how to not let Netflix, work, and other excuses get in the way of doing some good in this world.

Here’s what you need to know about Generation SERVE.

Who is Generation SERVE?

Generation SERVE is a Houston-based organization that promotes volunteer and charity work. Founded in 2009 by Marissa Vogel, who wanted her daughters to learn about responsibility and community stewardship, Generation SERVE grew in leaps and bounds since that time.

In the 11 years that it has been active, the organization got more than 34,400 kids (and their families) involved in giving back. They’ve partnered with more than 100 different causes in Texas. And they’ve made an impact on countless lives in the process.

  • more than 70,000 volunteer hours stocking shelves at food pantries, preparing meals for the homeless, and sorting and making gifts for at-risk and low income people? Check ✅
  • regular programs that teach teens and young adults how to lead volunteer activities, how to organize charity drives, and how to fund activities (and why it all matters)? Check ✅
  • families brought together to discuss the important stuff — what’s inequality, why it happens, and what communities can do so people don’t get left behind? Check ✅

But you know what I really love about Generation SERVE?

It’s that they focus on kids.

They’ve got that real get-them-while-they’re-young-and-mold-them-into-awesome-people vibe going on.

And it’s working.

The kids that go through Generation SERVE’s programs know that the time spent giving back is more valuable than the time spent watching TV. They want to drive two hours to a nursing facility and hang out and chat with the elderly. They want to make 10 casseroles to bring to the homeless shelter on a Friday.

Here’s the pathway Generation SERVE follows to transform good kids into community leaders:

Notice how “Gets a car on their 16th birthday isn’t on the list’. Something to think about…

Before I sign off, I want to ask something from you.

If you’re in Houston (or in Texas and willing to spend your day helping others), get involved with Generation SERVE. Register your family right here (<— click that) and spend one day every month showing your kids and grandkids what real communities are.

Aaaaand… if you’re not in Texas — chip in here (<— that button will take you to Generation SERVE’s donation page).

That’s it.

No ‘buy this from the OhSayUSA’ webshop...

… or ‘this US-made product has your name on it’.

None of that.

This is about us — you and me — helping our kids grow into awesome human beings that eventually become true community leaders. Now… go sign up with Generation SERVE!