Austin Pets Alive! — A Place Where Every Furry, Four-Legged Champ Gets a Fighting Chance

Posted by OHSAY USA on Feb 6th 2021

Austin Pets Alive! — A Place Where Every Furry, Four-Legged Champ Gets a Fighting Chance

This festive ball of adorableness is Big Caesar…Don’t be fooled by his Sopranos name — Big Caesar is a chilled, lovable pooch without a mafioso bone in his body. And, he’s super excited about meeting his fur-ever family any day now.

But this isn’t a love letter to Big Caesar (although I’m tempted to just keep writing about how sloppy his kisses are… or how he enjoys his baths… or how, on Sundays, he binges more Netflix than I do. But I’ll stop now.)

This is a story about a great organization that gave Big Caesar a new lease on life. And that organization is:

Austin Pets Alive (APA!)

Founded in 1997 with the aim of turning Austin kill-free (in essence, avoiding pet euthanasia whenever possible), the APA! has worked hard on reaching that goal. And although the city is not quite there just yet, it’s the largest No-Kill city in the USA for 9 years running. Their live-release rate stands proudly at 98%. And, they’ve saved 80,000+ four-legged lives in the years since they’ve been operational.


If 80K pet saves don't deserve a funny cat GIF, nothing does…

What Makes Austin Pets Alive! Special?

The better question is… what doesn’t?

Their focus on hard-to-place pets, like pups with parvo or cats with FeLV?

Their commitment to matching animals with the best possible fur-ever home?

Their ability to attract more than 2,000 volunteers in any given year?

Because APA! does all that… and more.

In their 23 years of working hard on behalf of voiceless animals, the APA! was able to affect change on a national level. Their sister organization, American Pets Alive! (AmPA!), partners with animal shelters and rescue volunteers all over the country. The AmPA! teaches these shelters, which are often under-funded and under-staffed, how to properly set up care, programs, and policy in a way that avoids those horrible life-or-death decisions.

But… 2020 has been a hard year for everyone, including the Austin Pets Alive! initiative.

The APA! started the year with 1791 animals in their care. And from March to May, they took in more than 2,500 pups and kitties — 45% more than they normally take in on a regular year (well, thank you, global pandemic). And they’ve likely finished 2020 having taken care of more than 12,000 furry souls.

… that’s more than 40,000 feedings with yummy, premium food…

… more than 50,000 walkies in the pouring rain or in the blistering sun…

…. more belly scratches and soulful eye-stares than can be counted…


“Arrrgh… stop looking at me like that! I told ya’, you’re too young to watch Breaking Bad!”

So what do you say we extend our paw in friendship and giving?

You can help save an animal right now if you decide to donate a lump sum. Or set up a monthly donation. Or find something from the APA!’s Amazon wish list you can send their way. Or you sign up to provide a foster home. Really, there’s a bunch of ways to support the APA! Mission.

Yes, I Want to Make Puppies & Kittens Happy (Click Here to Help)

You’ll feel all warm and fuzzy inside once you make your contribution… and Big Caesar might send you a wet, sloppy kiss, too!

Pssst! Have a cat there that will be jealous if they see you donating to other meow-meows? A peace offering might get you off the hook with them:

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