Beer Bike Tote

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Made in Oregon

Product Overview

Leather Bike Tote

Made in USA - Oregon

Handy & Cool Way To Arrive

One of the Ten Best Bike-Related Design Innovations -- Architizer

Easily arrive at your friend's house with a six-pack for the party. No need to wobble as you ride. This heavy-duty leather bike tote easily straps around the middle bike bar to keep it away from your legs as you pedal.

The tote will also carry your umbrella, bike polo mallets, kayak paddle or many other objects. The polo mallets, kayak paddle, shovels and rakes require two tote attachments.

The tote is custom made in America in a little leather studio by a master designer and architect in Portland, Oregon.

The tote is intended for bikes with a top parallel tube. Bikes which include diagonal tubes will not work.

Dimensions: 10" long by 5" wide


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Made in America