American Stick Flags - 60 Pack

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Made in Pennsylvania

Product Overview

USA Stick Flags - 60 Pack

Made in USA - Pennsylvania

American Spirit On the Go

60-PACK AMERICAN FLAGS ON STICKS MADE IN USA WITH QUALITY & PRIDE - You will directly help American workers in Pennsylvania provide for their families.

VIVID COLORS RAIN PROOF - 4"x6" cotton flags are American quality printed. They don't smear in the rain and stain your clothes.

SPLINTER-FREE 10" WOOD STICKS - Cut and sanded to a smooth finish. Eco-friendly. KID-SAFE ROUNDED SPEAR TOP - They have the classic traditional spear top without the dangerous sharp point.

MULTI-PURPOSE AMERICAN STICK FLAGS - Reuse year after year for Independence Day July 4th parades, celebrate President's Day, Patriot's Day, Flag Day, Memorial Day, Boy Scout and Girl Scout expeditions, servicemen returning home and honor flights.


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Made in America